University of Mississippi School of Journalism and New Media students and faculty traveled to Puerto Rico in early January 2019 for a multimedia reporting project. Our goal: Interview residents still trying to recover after Hurricane Maria, 15 months after the powerful storm made landfall. We spent five days traveling to towns and rural areas.




Devna Bose

Brittany Brown

Christian Johnson

Jasmine Karlowski

Hayden Benge, website designer


Photojournalism Mentor:

Ariel Cobbert


Faculty Leaders:

Patricia Thompson

Iveta Imre


We are grateful to Rafael Matos for his assistance.

We also offer special thanks to:

Debbie Ramirez

Elizabeth Ramirez

Luis Joel Méndez Gonzáles

Jose Perez-Mesa

and the people of Puerto Rico who graciously agreed to interviews and gave of their time and expertise.